Antenna Man presentation on OTA and Next gen (30 min)

I found his recent presentation at National Television Association Convention informative:


I actually like him out of all the cord cutter YT channels.


It was new to me to learn his backstory. One of those times that somebody takes a fascination of their youth and makes a career out of it.

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I’ve watched him for years and he has a lot of very good information on antenna tech that I found to be very helpful. Check. out some of his videos.

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It was actually me who told him about ATSC 3.0 way back and he said it would never happen. I argued it would because the broadcasters were behind it. I found him on YouTube when I was looking into putting up an antenna years ago. Back when most of his videos were GrubHub “how to” things. He lives near me and has done a personal signal eval at my house. He’s a real good guy.
However, he does annoy me somewhat by complaining about the Philadelphia ABC signal as “trash” at every opportunity. It’s not trash, it is very strong. It’s just on channel 6 (actual channel 6) which is low VHF and few antennas are made for low VHF anymore. Just in case Tyler is reading this!

I also follow Tyler’s youtube channel (at least 3 years now). His is one of the few channels I subscribe to, as his information is dense with little to no fluff. I really enjoyed his Radio Shack videos he posted a few years ago.

Maybe Tyler’s usage of “trash signal” is too harsh. I live 11 miles from the 6-ABC towers, and the signal is strong, but it is the only low-VHF channel left in this area. It is also broadcasting at 720 resolution instead of the better 1080 resolution. Low-VHF channels are prone to the weather and trees interference more than UHF, so occasionally I lose the signal to 6-ABC.

I wouldn’t need a large antenna if 6-ABC switched to a UHF channel. That is why I am annoyed with 6-ABC.