Antenna for Peoria IL

anyone have Tablo in Peoria IL? on my 3rd failed antenna with this thing. they all claim to be “the one” but the box fails constantly. so- this thing is worthless without figuring out the antenna situation…

You didn’t say what “failed antenna” means. Antennaweb indicates that you could only get 5 channels. How many did you get?

You didn’y say what antennas you tried or whether you are using an amplifier?

OK-- I don’t know all of the tech lingo needed to watch tv with this thing. and- have watched way too many “help” videos and read articles galore to try to figure out what antenna to use. it gives some “failed to record” message when I try to play a recorded local newscast. it seems to try to record various programs, but can’t get it done. so- I SUPPOSE it’s that the antennas I’ve gotten didn’t do the job. apparently- to use this little box requires continually obtaining ever more do-dads and gadgets… seems like it’s designed for electrical engineers to play with~

I suspect it would be hard to guess any reception issues if you can’t identify what antennas you have tried and whether there is any signal amplification.

I used to live and work (at the CBS/Fox affiliate) in Peoria from 1976 until I retired in 2009. Make sure your antenna is pointed in the right direction. Most of the stations’ antennas are across the river in East Peoria. IIRC the PBS antenna was located near downtown Peoria but my memory is a bit fuzzy on that one. I never had any success receiving the channels using an indoor antenna. Switched to an outdoor one (cheapest one at RadioShack) and it worked great. Mounted it as high up on my roof as possible. Remember that height is the “holy grail” on receiving digital/HD signals. The higher the better. Currently I am using an outdoor antenna from Best Buy…again the cheapest one…lol. In Vegas I receive around 90 stations…

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