Antenna fo Tablo

I suggest which is designed for both VHF Nd UHF. It is the best indoor antenna i have tried.

BTW that is a Winegard LNA-100 preamp on it so the 5500 is really an antenna\preamp combination.

I have an attic antenna, but for my son’s apartment the flat card antennas weren’t working well enough. He got better performance from this, which can be mast-mounted or hung on a wall. It’s approximately 2x the wall space of the 5500, but it does stand about 8" out from the wall.

It works better than Mohi Leaf if you have VHF stations, whicj I do.

And with the channel repack that is coming, you might wind up with even more VHF channels. One of the reasons for the success of the 5500 antenna with VHF is that the preamp it uses (LNA-100) has separate VHF and UHF amplifier chips which makes for cleaner amplification through separation of both streams.

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I have a Ham license and understand RF but for those that don’t your explanation is good.