Another 'win' for Tablo vs. Tivo, at least IMHO!

I recently switched from Tivo to Tablo and so far, I’m liking it very much. There are a few trade offs, but overall, I’m happy with what Tablo brings to the table vs. Tivo.

Anyway, whatever guide data Tablo uses must be different (and better) than Tivo. On Tivo, my local PBS station would NEVER show the ‘new’ tag. I used to have to watch for new episodes and manually set them up, and would inevitably miss an episode here and there. I always figured it was PBS not providing full info. I just noticed that Tablo IS picking up new episodes on PBS! One less thing to micromanage.


Now we need people to compare to the Amazon DVR.

After using a Tivo Roamio for almost 4 years, I switched to a Tablo Lite a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. Don’t miss the $15 a month for the Tivo guide either.

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The only thing I miss from the Tivo is how quick, fast, instant everything was. Still getting used to the 2-5 second delays when switching between channels, modes or recordings, etc. I am very relieved to not be paying Tivo $16 a month.

Well, most things were quick on the Tivo, but apps aren’t one of them. Those things were dog slow.