Another reason to cut the cord - Farewell Jon Stewart :(


With Colbert and now Stewart moving on, the remaining fare is of a distinctly lower standard…but given the current bundling, 97m households get the channel…

My wife and I are planning on doing a one-month trial, watching everything via the Roku (Tablo, Sling.TV, Plex, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu+) - At the end, I’m figuring the DirecTV service will be on its way out. The only thing I’ll really miss is Top Gear (the BBC version)…but I’m hoping thats going to end up on Sling.TV sometime soon.

@sjp Not that it matters much at this point (with Jon Stewart moving on), but both his show and Colbert’s are/were on Hulu+.  I’ve been watching them on there for the past couple of years (and the video quality is excellent - although there are commercials you can’t skip, but they are thankfully short).

Just FYI regarding Hulu+ if you haven’t used it yet.

. The only thing I'll really miss is Top Gear (the BBC version)...but I'm hoping thats going to end up on Sling.TV sometime soon.

If you’re feeling adventerous, buy a NowTV box (its like a Roku) from a friend in the UK, set up Unotelly DNS ($5 a month) and you can watch all the Top Gear you want immediately after its aired :slight_smile:

@sjp We did the same thing before cutting the cord. We went 30 days with the DirecTV box unplugged and never missed it.

@sjp  I just checked Hulu+ and they seem to have almost all the episodes of Top Gear except the current season (seasons 2 -21).  So If you can wait a bit, looks like they’ll have the current season up in a few months…

Or you can watch here (clean aggregator site - have used many times without issue):

As I’m the only one that watches Top Gear anyway (ex-pat…the american wife just doesn’t get the humour!), watching it in some roundabout way is less of an issue to me - and to be honest, I can get the current season on Amazon for like $30 if I really feel like it. I’d prefer to ‘own’ the media if I pay for it tho, and have it on my Plex server for recall whenever I like, but ultimately, it’s not a huge deal-breaker.

Waiting on HBO to sort their streaming service, otherwise we’re basically just procrastinating :wink:

The only reason I considered Hulu+ was the Daily Show. That decision just got a lot easier.

Daily Show (and Colbert when it was on) have Plex channels that stream from the Comedy Central website for free. The SO uses them through the Roku just about every day.