Another issue: Anyone have an issue where shows records but just wont play?

I submitted a support ticket to tablo already but I wanted to see if any users have seen this issue also. (tablo is running latest .20 firmware)

I plugged in my new tablo Monday (purchased from amazon) with my old drive from my last tablo (where the tuners died, remember me?) and formatted the drive to start over again with a clean slate since tablo wasn't able to migrate my database over and everything was working fine until Thursday. All of my recordings from Thursday and into Friday morning appear to have recorded fine but won't play (via roku or chrome) When you try to play them in chrome it just sits there with the spinning loading circle and never plays, on roku it starts loading gets about 25% of the bar and then sticks there and never plays. I tried the reset button and that didn't change anything so then I tried to pull power and the problem persists. As a side note all other shows recorded on any previous day play just fine, it is just those recorded Thursday and early Friday that exhibit this issue.

My HD is the Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive STDR1000101 Silver which is on the compatible list and worked fine for the first 4 months on my old tablo till it died.

Interesting problem - after power cycling the Tablo can you please check if new recordings are playable? So that’s recordings post reboot, not the Thursday or early Friday recordings.

If they are, TabloSupport may have to remote into your device to pull the logs to see what’s going on.

@Sleeper Got your note - we’ll log in straight away and take a look. 

Here is an update for everyone. After I rebooted it last night new recordings that recorded today are working and play fine in addition to those from Wednesday and before but the Thursday recordings still wont play for me. Tablo logged into my unit and pulled the logs but they said they cant do anything to resolve the issue because they don't see anything in the logs (or at least won't admit it) so I am just SOL on the 5 things that recorded during this timeframe before I rebooted the tablo.

To me it seems like DB corruption because they were able to verify the recordings are there on the disk so my thought is that I should replace the HD but tablo says they don't think this is nessesary as my current Seagate STDR1000101 should work fine.

ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS? I am will to try just about anything at this point to be up and running and stable.

I would just keep using the current setup unless you lose more recordings.  If it happens again, then I would consider changing something.

@snowcat - so just accept it as normal on a brand new tablo box that has been running for just 3 days before this happens?

Doesn't this seem like a database issue to all my fellow IT guys out there in TabloLand?

This seems to be and old thread, but this is happening to me now. all my recordings for the past few days don’t play. progress bar on roku gets betweek 25% and 33% and stops. Any idea what’s going on? Been using my tablo for about 3 weeks now and no other issues.

@cthulhu944 This could be the same symptom of a different issue - it’s hard for us to say without checking out your Tablo. Can you get in touch with our support team directly?