Anonymous Proxies vs. VPNs: Which is the Better Choice for Online Privacy and Reliability?

Anonymous Proxies vs. VPNs: Which is the Better Choice for Online Privacy and Reliability?

It matters on if they log.

May want to look into the 12 (maybe 9) eye alliance and who is in it. That may sway you on which company to go with.

Logging in the key. I know ExpressVPN has had EU come knocking and they had no data. It was all over CNET a while ago.


Reliability and Privacy are not good bed fellows…

Neither is reliability and speed. LOL.

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I used to rely on various VPNs, including some paid ones, but I frequently ran into issues like bugs and unreliable connections. This led me to switch to using an anonymous proxy instead.

In my experience, proxies have been more reliable and efficient. They’ve offered me the privacy I need for sensitive tasks like online transactions. Also, I’ve found them to be more cost-effective. For example, services like offer anonymous proxies at about $1.4 per month, which is quite reasonable. Additionally, they provide a 7 Mbit channel on static proxies, ensuring a stable and fast connection.

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VPNs and Proxies don’t do anything for your online privacy at all until you address online tracking and cookies. Then there’s the massive elephant in the room. All the VPN or proxy do is switch what companies have access to your data. Sadly many of the VPN service I previously would have recommended have been bought by an advertising company. Do we really trust advertising companies to not sell our data anyway?

VPN and proxies have limited uses and privacy is not at the forefront. Stop believing those shill VPN commercials.

I think you hit the nail on the head… OF another NAIL next to privacy. I think the VPN is just 1 step in the process. I think as a whole you are right about privacy. But in general, It depends on if the VPN service logs your data. MOST DO, some don’t. That’s is the first nail.

Then the next nail is browser privacy.

But if you can’t get past the 1st part, if getting an IP of a VPN provider, and then getting NO data…

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DuckDuckGo is the browser to use if you want ads minimized and no tracking.
If you really want to go all out, get the Tor browser.
It bounces your connection all around the world so the web site has no idea where you are.
Downside of it is some sites will reject you.
Trying to do banking with a USA company and you look like you are in Czechoslovakia or wherever won’t fly.

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