Annoying function when watching show being recorded

Hi All. New Dual HDMI owner here with an observation that I find annoying. I set programs to record in case I an unable to watch them live. If I am watching a program live, and the DVR is also recording it, when the recording session ends the TV jumps back to the home screen, and I have to tune to the channel I was just watching again. I don’t know why the recording can’t just stop behind the scenes and let me continue to watch live TV without this interruption, like my old Dish DVR did. Is there a solution for this?

In the Live TV screen I think you can click on the channel number, not the program.

AHHH, OK, I’ll try that next time. Good suggestion.

mbellaire is correct. When you watch “Live TV”, you should always access via the channel#. If you access via the show/movie it will back out to main guide grid when show is over.