Android update broke Chromecast experience - can't fast forward

Is this happening on Live TV? If yes, this is the expected behaviour. The Chromecast player within the Tablo apps does not currently support seeking for HLS streams, which the Tablo uses.

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Does the Roku 3 have this problem?
I may have to return my Tablo because of this. I already bought the Tablo and a Hardrive and now would need to purchase a Roku 3 in addition, even though I already have chromecast. Technology can be so great, yet so frustrating at the same time.

No, it doesn’t.
I have 1st and 2nd gen Chromecast devices.
They’re cheap, cute, and work pretty well with various apps.
They aren’t powerful, though.

Think about this…
Is the Tablo replacing a pay for TV service, like cable, or satellite?
How much money are you saving each month by not paying for your old cable, or satellite service?

I have an ATV, 2Roku3 and a Nexus Player and the NP is hands down the best, and if you watch for sales you can get for $50 - by far the cheapest.

I also have the same issue. I am running Android 5.1 on a Moto X, Base version MSM8960PRO_BP_23255.140.93.00R, Kernel 3.4.42-g756aa87, System version 222.26.7.ghost verizon, Build LPA23.12-39.7

Chromecast Firmware 1.18.55065


Same issue here as well on both Android app and Chrome browser and it’s frustrating. Any plans to add support for seeking HLS streams?

Android 5.1 on Samsung Galaxy S5
Chrome Browser v47.0.2526.106 (64-bit) running on Ubuntu
Chromecast (2nd gen) firmware v1.18.55065

Having same problem along with when watching LIve TV if I channel surf then I return to previously viewed channel it starts at where I first viewed cannot FF using app on Samsung edge 6+ or tablet or laptop. If I use reset on Tablo 4 then it will start a live position. I am willing to purchase Roku 2 or 3 if this fixes the problem. I have also tried surfing more than 4 channels before returning the first with no success. I am a new Tablo customer and days away from cutting the cord… I really enjoy using the Tablo and so far this is the only con I have.

I’m having this issue but with recorded shows. Not all but a fair amount.

Show will play normally on my phone, samsung s7 edge, with FF working fine. Once I cast the recording re-starts at 0:00. If I try to FF while casting the recording restarts as well.

I’ve only had the tablo about two weeks. This is beginning to drive me a little crazy. I never know which show is going to cast properly. I only use chromecast and just cut the cord last week. Second guessing my decision now.

Get a Nexus Player for $50. It has a standalone app for Tablo. It also has all the same casting capabilities as your Chromecast so you won’t lose that feature.

I experienced the same FF problem with Chromecast. Tap 30 seconds FF while casted returns to the beginning of the the recorded show.

  • but oddly, I was able to FF the 2 hour show was about 1.5 hour into recording and then Chromecast it without any problem…

But I think I had a AHA! moment. When I was able to FF it - the show may have been finished and the DVR recording of had ended. The successful FF event MAY have worked because I was casting the recording without any new recording being added to it.

Same issue here. Casting live TV from an android device, if I try to fast forward (either by moving the position of the dot on the playback bar, or using the +30 button), the show starts over from the beginning.

Pretty disappointing to see this has been a known issue for 18 months with no resolution…

Hard to believe there’s no fix for this yet. I just got a Tablo a few weeks ago. Been having this problem ever since.

I see this thread is a couple of years old but I’m having the same issues. If I stop a live program in one location, then start it again in a different location, the playback starts way at the beginning. I can’t fast forward, rewind, or use the scrubber bar. Quite frustrating when you’re watching football and are in the 3rd quarter and you start the app on another tv you’re brought back to the 1st quarter with no way to fast forward! I end up having to cast from a different device.

I’ve re-installed the Android app several times, rebooted my Chromecasts and factory-restored them with no success. I like the concept of Tablo but this is extremely annoying.

I continue to experience this problem as well. I recently contacted Tablo about this and was told they are considering re-writing the Chromecast app, but they have no timeline for doing so. The lack of useful live tv support on Chromecast is extremely frustrating as this is part of my cord-cutting strategy for watching NFL football.

I am looking at other OTA streaming solutions as this doesn’t seem to be a priority for Tablo to fix.

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Having the exact same problem. One thing I found was that if you stop casting, then move the slider so it is playing the right position, then start casting again it starts at that position. But any attempt to move the time while it is playing rewinds to the start.
This has made the chromecast pretty much useless. I do hope you fix it!

Using this thing with Android and Chromecast for about 18 months. The following is true - no fast forward if show is still recording. Dont even think about it until the recording is complete and saved, then you can FF. Also, if you want to watch multiple recordings while casting you must FF to the end of each show before going back and selecting the next show to watch. If you dont you’ll typcally have to close the app and restart, sometimes you"ll hsve to power cycle the Chromecast.

The Chromecast is the least used Tablo device for these reasons. Don’t expect it to get any better.

Actually, there were substantial improvements in September of 2018, eliminating all of the showstopper issues for playing back finished recordings. As I said in my post, I suspect the fixes were in a Google rather than Tablo update. In any case, it might be time for Tablo and Friends to consider encouraging rather than discouraging Chromecast customers.

Even for playing back shows being recorded, to skip a commercial, you stop Chromecast, position past the commercial, then restart Chromecast; and it continues from your position past the commercial. This isn’t right, but the workaround is quick; nowhere near as onerous as recovering after a Tablo app abort, which used to be frequent in many situations before the September changes.

An update, two years later: STILL BROKEN!
@TabloCEO @TabloEngineering

Using a Chromecast, while casting a currently recording program, the reset to zero marker is a catastrophic UX failure on a major platform. What is being done to correct this, after multiple generations?