Android update broke Chromecast experience - can't fast forward

When casting something from Android to Chromecast and the show is recording and you are watching while it continues to record, you can’t fast forward. Trying to move the bar or use the forward 30 second button results in the video starting over.

Please fix this!

I did some testing a few minutes ago. Chromecast and Android works fine for recorded programs, but live TV is messed up. Hitting the rewind or the fast forward buttons on live tv while casting results in the show repeating from the beginning. That pretty much kills live tv viewing on a Chromecast unless you are willing to just pause and play.

The slider bar hints at a problem as well. It shows 0:00 on the left side and Live TV on the right when casting live TV. If I stop casting, the slider bar has the correct number values on my phone.

I just submitted a trouble ticket on this to help resolve it faster.

Casting via a PC and Chrome browser does not have this problem, FYI.

Odd - we aren’t able to reproduce this in house.

@diknak - We’ve got @snowcat’s ticket but if you could also submit a ticket w/ your device info as well as what recording quality you were using that would be great.

I will submit a ticket but here are some more detailed steps to reproduce:

  1. Set something to record
  2. Wait a few minutes
  3. While the show is being recorded, in the Android app go to recordings and start playing the show from the beginning
  4. Being casting to Chromecast
  5. Attempt to fast forward by tapping the +30 sec button

Expected Results
Show on the TV jumps 30 seconds

Actual Results
Show starts from the beginning

I had this exact issue last night too @TabloTV

Once the recording finished I busted out of “Chromecasting” then re-casted and it was all good.

Record quality setting is set to “Chromecast”

Just checked again on the news currently recording and it will not skip ahead as it should but starts back at the beginning.
Nexus 4 and the Chromecast is hardwired to the network.

Also minor, the reverse 20 and forward 30 are not 20 & 30, think they are both 10.

I can reproduce all of these issues at any time, I almost ditched my Tablo the experience with a chromecast was so terrible.

I have this exact problem as well. It happens on both my Moto X phone and my Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet. Any updates Tablo on getting this fixed? Do you want another ticket entered?

I also have blocky unreadable text on the Moto X, I’ll keep searching forums on that one.

I haven’t heard any updates to this problem either. Is this something addressed with the new firmware, or will it be fixed later on?

I’m chiming in on this issue as I am seeing that as well on my Chromecast (starting over at the beginning when trying to FF while a show is being recorded). I also have the blocky text problem but have started a separate thread on that a few days ago.

Yes had exact same problem…can’t FF a pre-recorded game while casting to Chromecast to TV. Clicking 30 forward restarts program. However, if I do NOT cast, just watch recorded game from my phone…I can not only FF, but drag timeline wherever I want. Kinda sucks not being able to FF on the big screen.
Tablo 2, USB Storage, Galaxys4, Chromecast, 55" Visio

This still seems to be a problem :frowning:

I can fast forward fine, al biet a little slow.

Interesting. I have the same problem mentioned above while watching a program while it is recording (attempting to fast forward with the 30 second skips reverts the program back to the beginning).

I’m having the same issue – have you found any cause yet? My Tablo is current with Tablo v2.2.8.and I use a Motorola Droid Maxx with Android 4.4.4.

I’m seeing this problem on my new Tablo, where casting live channel while recording does not allow fast forward or show a usable time slider. Is there any root cause and ETA? I see the thread dates back from last summer. It’s hard to justify the device if I can’t watch local sports live while recording.

Do you have any other playback device? Roku, Nexus Player, Fire TV, etc.? Chromecast experience has been the worst of all playback devices I’ve tried and many hand reported the same.

I have a Nexus player in another room that I can test out in this scenario, but I’d still rather the Chromecast support function for this situation since most of my TVs have just a chromecast.

I just bought a 4-tuner Tablo and am having the same issue. As soon as I cast the video to the TV, my progress bar goes to 0:00 and FF or RW take me back to the beginning. If I stop casting, the progress bar goes back to normal and I have control again. So what I’ve had to do to FF through commercials is to stop casting, FF to where I want to be and then restart casting. Obviously, this is not a good solution. I don’t currently have another device to use.

The Tablo is on firmware 2.2.8. The tablet is a Lenovo Yoga 2 running Android 5.0.1. The Chromecast is one of the original models running firmware 1.17.46278. I assume this is up to date. I don’t see an option to update it.

Is there any update for this issue?