Android TV vs Ultra vs Firestick

Continuing the discussion from Tablo App keeps shutting down while watching:

I tried my Roku Ultra this evening. with each firmware and app update it gets more stable on the Roku Ultra but will still crash and go back to the Roku home screen. My old Roku 3 does just fine. My firesticks seem to be ok but are slow. Out of curiosity I began using an ONN 4k streaming box I had purchased for less than $20.00 at Walmart running Android TV. This was about 3 weeks ago and 3 weeks ago was when my problem with the Tablo App crashing was gone. I have experimented with all my streaming devices, 2 Rokus, 2 Firesticks, and 1 ONN 4k streaming box. I just do not have problems with the ONN 4k streaming box.

Were you able to load the new 4th Gen app to your ONN streaming box? I have one and it says this app is not available.

The newest FireTV Cube seems to work the best for me. I have had almost no issues at all except some blank icons in the Library section. I have a Cube on every TV now they seem to work well and better than any of the Sticks I have tried. Sticks are just underpowered and sluggish I think.