Android TV (Nvidia Shield) app always crashes

Everything at the latest version. It’ll always be when I wake the ShieldTV up. I’m also starting to see in on my phone (LG V20) when unlocking it. I have not seen it yet when actually using the Tablo app.

The issue shows up when people go directly to their home screen from the Tablo app.
So if i use the Tablo app, click the menu button to go home directly, sleep ShieldTV, wake up SheildTV few hours later, and the Tablo App will have crashed.

As a fellow android developer, the Tablo app is not using the onStop() or onRestart() or onCreate() activity properly.
The Tablo app may be being destroyed (due to the need to free up memory). When the activity is back in focus onCreate is actually invoked again which may cause it to crash. idk just some thoughts.

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Not in my case. I always exit the Tablo app when done (not just hit home) and am still getting it.

Yup. Same experience as others here - glad I’m not the only one. Everything up to date, using an Nvidia Shield TV. App crashes constantly… if I switch to any other app, it’ll crash (not immediately, but definitely by the time I switch the unit back on).

Looking forward to a fix!

Is there a fix coming for this problem?

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It is getting fairly annoying to have to dismiss the Tablo crash every time I turn on the ShieldTV.

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You’re not alone. Also NP and Mi Box which poibts to Tablo AndroidTV app.

Just checking in to let you guys know that this is being worked on. We’ve managed to pull some data and reproduce this. I’ll share news as soon as we have some.


Glad to see this is being worked on. Been having a similar issue across all 4 of my nexus players after the recent Tablo update. A lot of times it goes to the “tuner has been reassigned” error message.

Every once in awhile the light on the Tablo box will all of a sudden just be off. When that happens a hard reset seems to get it back going but it still suffers from losing connection constantly.

Any updates on this? It is still happening.

Android phone app too

No news yet - we’re wrapping up a few things and hope to tackle this very shortly. It remains high on our priority list.

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Yup…All of my Android devices experiencing this (Android TV - Nexus Player, and Pixel, and Moto G3…)

And @TabloSupport said they were working on it.Might sraer doing report instead of just clickung ok.

I want it nowwwwwww :slight_smile:

I know you are working on it, but it is very annoying. Also bumping this thread so we don’t get a bunch more on the same topic.

All I want for Christmas is Tablo Android devices to stop crashing.


Same here. Crashes on Nvidia Shield nonstop (I have 2 of them). It’s terribly annoying to have to click OK to make the crash box go away all the time :\

If you are a rare user of Tablo, force kill it when you manage apps and you won’t have the problem until the next time you use the app.

Android app updated today, it also updated on the Shield. Problem looks to be fixed!

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Does look better. Now we can watch live tv again.