Android TV (NP, Shield, others) random ramble (aka Cjcox is a Weirdo)

Since the original was a threadjacking that went waaaaaaaay off topic, here is one to focus our rambles.

Note that I love my Shield’s (2x) (With Tablo for DVR, Plex for my library, HDHR View, and Google Live Channels for Live as my main sources… I liked Hulu, but am on hiatus there, and Netflix has yet to make the content decisions I agree with)

I also like my Nexus Player (for a secondary watching location, same sources as Shield)

  • I will call the Nexus Player NP for the rest of this thread.

and since Cjcox asked for a certain thread title…


to kick it off, comments on “Convergence”? I really like how well voice search works on the platform as far as pulling Hulu, Plex results. Live Channels search results had been rather limited/ funky as far as only pulling what was on at a given instant, but they are supposedly working on a more “schedule” type result… (source: )

I am looking forward to whenever Tablo gets their integration on…
—look, don’t necropost :slightly_smiling: older discussion


is the lol with me or at me? :slight_smile:

LOLling at the neologism.

Just a quick post because I got my thread title!!

I’m currently not an Android settop user, but have experimented with the platform in the past. So I’ll bow out, not sure if I’ll be able to contribute too many things except that many respected individuals on the forums highly recommend the NP.