Android TV: Guide crashes on scrolling down channels

Sony Bravia X900F series with Android 9.0, the Guide crashes on scrolling down the list of live channels. I cannot make it down the list before it crashes with an unknown error and have to restart. Using a Tablo Dual, with latest firmware. I am not seeing the problem when using a TCL TV with Roku. Appears to be an Android App issue (version 2.1). Only started to happen after I added the paid guide subscription, it was fine during the first 30 days where the guide was included and for the few days I used it without the guide. Anyone else experiencing this?

I had that with the same TV model!

Reloading the Tablo app solved the problem. Scrolling has been working correctly for the past two weeks

What I do not like is : When I turn my TV off and on again later , most of the time I get the message : Unable to find My Tablo , Try again or Cancel

I enter back and I must select the Tablo app on the screen showing all the apps!

It seems that only if the duration of the Off time was brief, I enter directly into one of the Tablo screens (live Tv or recordings , etc.). This is the behaviour I would like to see every time.

Is there something I can do to force that?

Thanks reloading the app seems to have fixed the issue