Android TV Channel App (TV Input)

I am new to the TabloTV service and it really is interesting. I don’t know if anyone has already brought this up or not.

Are there any thoughts on integrating Tablo into AndroidTV?

Here are the documents n how to do it and it even shows the user experience, I think it would put this tool OVER THE TOP, if this was possible.

I am not sure about how the recording would work, I do know that the live TV experience would be seamless, which is what most users are looking for. This would make the app/service the top option for everyone!

If I hit the Guide or TV button on my remote it just does not get me to live TV, like I would expect.

Here are a few supporting links.

Tablos product pages show their devices are primarily an OTA DVR - live TV, I guess is secondary.

I don’t think that is as true as it originally was.

Now they advertise about watching live TV on 4 tuners at once. That sounds like they are wanting to offer a great live experience.

DVR is a great perk, just not the main reason I got t.

I needed a solution to avoid wiring my whole house with antennas.
The wireless solution is an amazing solution!

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Perhaps, but in big letters… OTA DVR. on down -

The DVR for Cord Cutters

DVR a great perk? I think you misread somewhere

I’m not here to argue, I am here to look at a feature, which I do not see you have any knowledge in. IF you are here to argue, please find someone else to talk with, I am not at all interested. I am here to talk about growth in a great product.

I am hoping to get get some members of the Tablo team and other advanced members to talk about what I am looking for.

Since the tuners are controlled by the Xcode processor and tablo has xcode configured to output H.264 in HLS maybe you need a hdhomerun.

I had hoped that an 2015 “it is on the roadmap” would develop into something, but it has yet to materialize.

I personally bit the bullet, and I decided that I wanted Live working on my Android TV devices inside the “Live Channels” app- so I have a dual setup.

Live: HDHomeRun Connect Quatro
DVR: Tablo 4-Tuner

This gave me the quick channel change of the HDHomeRun, and the better DVR interface/ storage of Tablo with just a single splitter.

The old saying “right tool for the job” comes to mind here, as HDHR’s DVR solution wasn’t cutting it in my mind (raw .ts capture eats a lot of space), and Tablo’s live tuning was the same way (My wife is a channel surfer.)

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Not arguing… just referencing things you apparently want to overlook. Growth in a product rated #1 by a number of “reviewers” and credible web sites… I bet they have a clue with their business model and marketing goals.

But don’t give up hope - you matter as much as anyone, and I’ll move on.

Maybe I am using the wrong system.

I am looking to integrate my channels into my TV without having to open a special application.

I will do some digging into the HDHomeRun tuner.

I just want to integrate into the system Guide and not have to look for what is on TV.

I have multiple Android TVs. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by this. Live TV shows up in the TV’s Guide, if you have the antenna connected to the TV. You want the Tablo guide to show up instead?

You want live channels to show up somewhere? Or the recorded shows?

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Why not just get a distribution amplifier and then split the OTA signal to each TV in the house via coaxial cable? Live OTA TV will be perfectly integrated into your TV then.

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Just to give me a better picture of your desired end state, I would like to know some details.

  1. Number of simultaneous clients, and what clients.
    example: 1 Sony AndroidTV, 2 NVidia Shield on “dumb tv”, 1 Roku 4
  2. Accessibility of antenna feed
    example: Drop runs directly to LR, no existing cable to other client locations
  3. Network suitability
    example: Hardwired Ethernet to all except Roku, Which has strong Wireless AC
  4. User Types
    example: Myself (Adept, Primarily DVR), Spouse (inept, Channel Surfer), Cousin (average, Mixed Use)
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I just want it that when I have guests over that they don’t have to do anything but turn the TV on and click guide on the remote.

Then hook the antenna to the TV and don’t worry about them figuring out the Tablo at all.


I can’t do that, I have an antenna in the attic and one connection to my office. When they built the house, 3 years ago, they didn’t run any coax.

Wow. That builder should be shot. No coax for cable tv even? Base housing?

Given what you’re working with, I’d switch the remote to something programable so you can force it to go to the streamer input and not the TV’s guide.

No coaxial cable run throughout the house? Did you specifically ask for that?

It’s pretty default with homes so people can have cable TV services or even to put in cable internet anywhere in the house.

I just purchased a house that was already built. It doesn’t have Coax, so that is why I am looking for a solution. I can’t change anything about not having coax, so I am looking for the best solution.

I just purchased a house that was already built. It doesn’t have Coax, so that is why I am looking for a solution. I can’t change anything about not having coax, so I am looking for the best solution.

Hi Kartajan,

  1. I have 2 Sony TVs with AndoridTV and 2 Fire TVs.
  2. I have one drop to my office in the bonus room, above the garage, there are no coax cables anywhere in the house.
  3. I have a gigabit back-end wired switch to my office and a very stable Orbi AC3000 MESH network throughout the house.
  4. Myself (Live TV and DVR), Wife (just wants to turn on the TV and click watch TV, she doesn’t want to search around for things), guest bedrooms, parents and kids visiting (these two Fire TVs need to work easily for our parents)
    Like I said, I need simplicity and I would like DVR service.

I love the DVR service Tablo offers, I just am not impressed, at all, with the live interface. I wish they would just offer a “source” to the android app “Live TV”.

That way I could use the DVR service, when I need, brows recorded shows with Tablo UI and watch live TV with a standard interface.

I am about to return the Tablo device and go with something else, I am just hoping they have a solution and I don’t have to start over. It’s so close, but a deal breaker.