Android TV Box Connection: Wifi vs Ethernet

This may be some pointer to the Tablo SW developers. Connecting the Tablo app, running on an Android TV box (RK3288 based),  to the Tablo happens without a hitch when using wifi on the TV box. However, when I switch the TV box over to Ethernet it will immediately find the Tablo, but it will not connect. In both cases the Tablo is wired to the router via Ethernet.

this is a known problem with the Android app.  I too am waiting for an update to the Android that will fix this wired ethernet issue

Yup, that would help a lot, especially on my Android TV box that has wifi problems (it chokes itself to 2MBps after a few seconds) which makes that option unusable

Hey guys - The Tablo app was intended to be used on a tablet where the only two forms of network connectivity are WiFi or mobile network so the Tablo ‘discovery’ method is WiFI only in that app. 

As we work towards supporting these types of Android devices, we’ll definitely be keeping the Ethernet requirement in mind. 

why  not  have  android  box  go  wireless  if  all  you  need   is    tablo   hava  same   with  roku

@ve7bbd I am using the Chrome browser on my Ethernet wired Android TV Box and it works pretty well, actually much more reliable than the Chrome cast dongle from the tablet.  

it  will  wired  always  works   better  than  wireless  if  you  can

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