Android: The Real Deal

What is Tablo doing for casting? Accessing direct to mobile device is fine. Hypothetically, behavior should be the same on a Nexus/ATV device. It is not. What gives? Chromecast support has been effectively useless. New CC is in same boat. Live stream has no issues until you attempt to pause/rw/ff. What is the problem? Why isn’t this issue being directly adressed?

edit After updating the Tablo app on Nexus, I’m really impressed. It seems to be stable and actually nicer than the mobile experience. For the sake of direct comparison, I casted same buffered live stream to nexus from my phone and timeline sweep/delay went to 0:00 (as has been reported already for casting), then killed the cast and nexus/my phone were simultaneously processing the stream with sweep/delay returned to norm with full control and zero issues.

Seems I was wrong that nexus performed poorly compared to mobile. It’s just casting that appears broken… and this post is now pointless, as casting has already been discussed as an issue.

CC is different than Nexus Player (aka Androi TV device) or Fire TV. They have standalone apps that deal with the Tablo directly.

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@RII - We have a lot of users working with Chromecast effectively.

Is there a specific issue you’re having with FFW or pause?

Chromecasting leaves a lot to be desired and in no way compares to Android TV or phone/tablet experience. I took advantage of the Nexus Player clearance last week and upgraded all my chromecasts to Nexus Players. Best decision as I now have a dedicated remote and great Tablo experience but can still chromecast if I want.

Chromecast 2nd gen is much better than 1st gen, however RW/FF is still way slower than Android TV. I don’t have these issues with any other device that I stream with, so not sure why Tablo app can’t do it. Actually playing content is fine, but skipping commercials is where I got inpatient.

Android TV (Nexus Player) is generally phenomenal with a few hiccups (mostly beta firmware) here and there with buffering. Best experience for Tablo.


So what’s the best deal on an Android TV box these days?

You can find Nexus Players for around $50 at Walmart and Best Buy right now. The Nvidia Shield is the ultimate streaming box, but costs $200. I got mine used for $150.