Android Native App - Sorting/Categories For Recordings?

This question has probably been asked and answered already but I couldn’t find it via search:

Is there no way to view Recordings in the Native Android App other than the “All” selection? 

I primarily view Tablo via Roku and the Android Web App on my Nexus 5, but looked at the Native App on my Nexus 7 today and Recordings is just one big screen of everything ever recorded (“All”), unlike the Web App that has sorting via All, TV Shows, Movies, Sports, and Manual.

And an add-on question of what is the “Manual” selection supposed to do - all I get is a white screen on both the Android Web App PC app using Chrome browser.

I have installed the Web App on my N7, which does provide sorting for Recordings, so there is a work around, but was surprised to see this missing in the Native App, and just wanted to double check that this isn’t something wrong with my installation of it.

I just looked at my son’s Galaxy tablet, and the native tablet app just has “all” for recordings.   The iPad app doesn’t even have the word “all” on it, but it acts the same way.

It looks like only the web app and Roku app have customized recording views.

The Manual section shows any manual recordings that you have set up.  If you go to the Scheduled section and click on the big plus sign in the top right, you can set up a manual recording.  This is a necessity if you don’t have a subscription, but it can be useful if you have a show that has quirky start or end times.

@snowcat - Thanks for the info…I appreciate it.

@ChrisFix - We want to add more ‘sort’ options to the native apps but things like this are much easier to implement in HTML on the web app which is why it usually creeps ahead in development. 

Once the new Roku channel is done we can devote more love and attention to the native apps and add these frequently requested sort options.