Android Media Players (aka Android Micro PCs, AMPs) & Tablo

Has anyone tried the Tablo Android app with an AMP? These machines are at least as beefy as the best Android tablets and with an air mouse can simulate the action of a tablet touch screen. 

It would be awesome to run Tablo directly on one of these hooked to my big screen. 

Is the Tablo app available for side loading if the app store thinks it’s not compatible?

The Minix X8 is my leading contender right now.

I side loaded the Tablo APK on my Google/Android TV (Hisense 55H6SG running Android 4.2.2). It installed OK but had issues since I didn’t use wifi on the TV (it is connected via ethernet). So I enabled wifi and it would find my Tablo but not connect. Just sits there and times out.

Also tried it on a MiiPC (android desktop pc) and Infinitec Pocket TV (android HDMI tv stick). Both failed like it did above.

I haven’t tested the updated android app that was released today.

Personally, I don’t plan on using the android app anymore. Tablo+Plex integration is beast!

Latest (Sep 2014) Android app works on AMP as long as the AMP is connected via WiFi and if the AMP is connected via Wired ethernet, it will just sit at the connecting screen forever.

Edit: Just installed fake_wifi_connection.apk on my AMP and the Android Tablo TV app now works via Wired Ethernet connection

could you elaborate on how to configure fake_wifi_connection to allow tablo to use wired ethernet?   Is xposed required?   i’ve installed ver 1.6 and ticked off Tablo app however upon launching Tablo app it still doesn’t find Tablo over wired ethernet connection and wants to connect via wifi but doesn’t find anything either.

@7up, see this post on the XDA forum for detail instruction on installing fake_wifi_connection

Thanks, I was guessing xposed was required.   I haven’t needed to root the FTV yet so I’ll hold off for now. 

dose  tablo  work  with  network  drives  i  know it  works  with  usb  drives

why  are  useing   fake  wireless    beacause  on  my  minix x7    you  can have  wierd  and  wireless  at  the  smae  time i  use  with  my  roku 3 only  see  wireless

You don’t need root to install Tablo app (APK file) onto FireTV. Just sideload it. Only issue is a mouse is needed to navigate.

@ve7bbd - Tablo does not currently support NAS storage.

You don't need root to install Tablo app (APK file) onto FireTV. Just sideload it. Only issue is a mouse is needed to navigate.

Will Tablo Android app now work on FireTV without root?  I ask because not long ago it wouldn’t recognize the ethernet port without fake wifi.

Tronsmart Vaga S89 Elite.  It has Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat. (FW 108K4_140811).  Unfortunately while you can install the TabloTV android app and search and find the TabloTV it will not connect.  I used ethernet not WIFI.  The TabloTV app works if you enable WIFI.  Once I side loaded the Xposed framework and Fake WIFIiconnection (as noted in previous posts).  TabloTV worked over ethernet on the Tronsmart.