Android interface / casting

edit I am enjoying the possibilities the Tablo has to offer, I feel like it was a good purchase.**

Casting (chromecast, nexus, etc) definitely needs optimizations as current state is nearly unusable - one such optimization would be initiating cast feature BEFORE starting the stream - like every other cast-capable app.

Currently the app does not seem to react to flipping or rotating your device in full screen “landscape” orientation to portrait.

It would be a major improvement to usability to see the Tablo android app function similar to the way the youtube app does. When holding your device in upright “portrait” orientation, shrink the stream to the top, and list the programming grid (with tabs for guide / recordings) below it.

The Tablo app is a battery annihilator.

The Nexus Player has a native Tablo app, no need to use casting.

The Tablo app on Android just recently was changed so that it was permanently in one landscape mode.

The reasoning is that when the orientation changed previously, it caused the show to reload. By forcing one view, the show will always keep playing no matter how the device is held.

The one interesting thing I have noticed the times I use my Chromecast and Android phone is that the picture is always smooth on my Chromecast. My phone is a pretty basic Android phone with just 2.4 Ghz N service, and it usually buffers once every 5 to 10 minutes (myTablo is set up at 1080P). But the Chromecast never has that problem, which suggests to me that it is casting correctly (meaning the Chromecast is streaming directly from the Tablo).

It still is my least used Tablo streaming device in my house because of the extra steps needed to control the Tablo, but it is functional, especially if you just set it to stream and don’t do anything else.

@RII Thanks for the feedback! I’ve passed this along to the rest of the team :smile: