Android App vs. Web App

I had to return my original hard drive (wrong type) and get a new one, which arrived today. After formatting, and having to do a hard reset on the Tablo to get it to see the hard drive, I also had to uninstall and reinstall the Android app.

Now the Android app has no recordings scheduled, and the one program I tried to schedule has no icon in the corner of the listing showing it’s scheduled. However, the web based app has all the recordings I scheduled which wouldn’t work with the old hard drive. So…here’s the question:

Which takes precedence if they don’t match up, the Android app or the web based app? Will either work? Will anything record?

I feel like I’m getting closer to having this all work…but there are these gray areas where things are buggy!

UPDATE: I guess I can answer my own question.  Neither app works.  I still can’t record anything.  I was very excited about Tablo,  but I’m close to throwing in the towel and sending it back. It just doesn’t seem  ready for “normal”  users. I don’t know what else to do. 

The schedule on the Tablo is correct. The browser or the android app (or both) do not reflect the actual schedule on the Tablo. Since you reinstalled the Android app, my guess is that it is correct.

Try deleting the Tablo from your browser (disconnect, then delete) and then scanning for it and re-adding it. It is likely it will also show nothing scheduled after you perform these steps.

Thanks jkline. That did work to sync both apps. But the one recording I scheduled (for 9pm EDT) did not record and I still cannot schedule anything else. In the Android app after scheduling, the listing does not show a “rec” icon. When I try to schedule in the web app I just get a spinning circle where the rec button is after I push it and it never schedules. Just spins.

Oddly, if I go back to the info screen, it appears to be set to record next week, but will not schedule anything for tonight.

It seems like everything is working this morning. I’m at work, so I didn’t have time to play with it for long, but I was able to schedule a couple of recordings.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all is well now, but this thing has more idiosyncrasies than my deceased Aunt Alice.

I want this to work. I really do.

I wanted it to work as well.  Still do, but it’s pretty buggy.  That, and I have a Media PC to fall back to, so I’ll wait until (if?) the kinks are worked out.