Android app vs Roku

After .50 update my Android app can no longer find my Tablo. Both my Legacy and 4th Gen (w/ 6T drive) work on my Roku. I have restarted tablo (reset & pwr), Restarted my Roku and router. Finally, I dumped the app and started over. Once install gets to WiFi setup the app freezes.

Any ideas?

Update: When I deleted the App the storage and cache files were left behind. I deleted the App again, ensuring that the storage and cache files deleted as well. I reloaded again from the App Store and it fired right up without the annoying connect to WiFi menu.

Bottom line … Gen 4 is not ready for Prime Time. Too bad the company is marketing so heavily. Given all the problems their Rep is taking a hit.

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I have the same issue on Android. If I go to App Store and open the new Tablo App it jumps right into the Tablo menu. That is the only way I can start from Android.

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