Android App (version 1.0.5) Playback Restirctions

Is there a time limit playback restriction for the Android App Version 1.0.5?

All of my recorded programs prior to May 3 have a slash through the play icon and cannot be played.  I checked the HTML5 app and everything is fine with playback.

Is this is bug or a future feature to restrict playback of older programs?

@icampbell - No it doesn’t. That’s odd. 

We’ll have @TabloSupport look into that.

Hi @icampbell - We've noticed that bug from the release yesterday. There's a fix pending, but you can work around this issue by doing this as well:

From the slide out menu on the left, tap 'Disconnect' at the bottom.

This will bring you to the Tablo select screen. Tap on the 'Edit' button on the top right.

Select 'Delete Tablo'. Afterwards, perform a new scan and re-add and re-sync your Tablo.

This will solve your issue, and it will not impact any of your existing or scheduled recordings.

:-bd @TabloSupport - That did the trick.  Thanks.