Android app update?

@TabloTV , will we be getting any updates to the Android phone app this year with the more modern layout, etc.? I thought it was supposed to be distributed this past spring right?


We got a bit sidetracked with some other projects but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

We appreciate everyone’s patience!

I would suspect most users might be more interested in the other projects then whether the android app has a “modern” layout. I hope the app doesn’t become another firestick app.

I think there is more to it than the visuals. The android app has a different synch process too I believe which is a bit slow.

While I totally agree, a visual “refresh” is a welcome thing too.

Since everyone can have a different idea of what a “visual” refresh looks like how do you know that what you want will be what gets implemented? or what the majority of users would want.

If I’m not mistaken, there is basically the “old style” (android app, web app)

And the “new style” (iOS app, Amazon fire app)

Guessing that they are bringing the Android app up to the appearance of the iOS app for phones and tablets.

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I have the app on a phone running an older release of android and a new tablet running android 13. is there some functionality that I’m missing? Something I currently can’t accomplish?

I would think that roku users would prefer that R&D money be spent on making thumbnails reappear during FF.

That tends to be an issue only with older Roku models. If you’re running into that, it might be a good idea to grab a newer, more powerful model during Prime Day.

Important: older fully supported Roku models.

That’s a rather funny comment since I first reported the problem with older roku’s when roku OS 11 first came out.

Of course the slingtv DVR functionality had the same problem and slingtv eventually fixed it. It may have taken them a number of app releases but it did get fixed with roku os 12.

Well I just want the Android app to work. It use to work good but now when I try to connect to my Vizo TV, the app crashes and says there is a bug. Please get rid of the bug so my Tablo Android App will connect to my TV and work.

Now that we likely know what the side projects were that you were referring to, can we still expect the work that was being done to bring the android app up to the standards of the other legacy apps to be released/completed?

@TabloTV , will we be seeing the release of any of the improvements that had been in progress with the legacy android app? For example, this is still the only app I ever get these “Syncing” issues with. It would be nice (even if no further progress is done in the future as you focus on the 4th gen apps) to perhaps at least bring out the modernization that I believe was going to fix that problem and was in progress for so long. Will we see that update?

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