Android app on kodi

When I try to open tablo (in kodi),it says I need an additional hardware purchase. I am new and in the dark on most of this.How do I put the app on my android 6.0 box, and is that what they are talking about?

Tablo is a network based hardware tuner unit. The apps for Kodi/Android/etc are clients for that tuner box. If you don’t have the Tablo hardware, the apps are useless.

As pointed out you need a Tablo. If you have one it must also be on the same network as the Kodi box.

Once you’ve bought & set up your Tablo device, you’ll be very pleased with the Kodi app. As others have pointed out, you do have to buy the Tablo first.

As some have pointed out already… there may be problems with the latest version of Kodi and the Tablo plugin for it.