Android App not communicating with Tablo after factory reset

My Dad was having a lot of issues with his tablo so I did a factory reset. This apparently deletes the recordings but the android app still shows them. When clicking “delete all” the progress circle spins for a quick second then stops and the same number of recordings appear. If you try to play a recording in the app, it says something like “file not found”. When you try using the app to schedule or unschedule a show, it does not actually set or delete it. Using the roku tablo app to do this works as expected. So how can I clear everything from the app and start fresh? And get the app to talk to the tablo?

Thanks in advance!!


The Android app still has the Tablo info from the last time it synced with it.
Disconnect the Android Tablo app from your Tablo, connect again, and it’ll resync with the new info.
Almost forgot to mention, you need to click on the red X after you disconnect, and then reconnect.

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Thanks!! We’ll give it a try!