Android app no longer working after update

I installed the latest update of the Tablo android app a few days ago and since then I can’t play any recordings or live channels. It starts buffering then sits on the spinning blue circle and never starts. I opened a ticket with Tablo support but haven’t got a response yet. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Note that I also have a Nexus Player and it plays everything fine

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app?

Just tried mine on Galaxy S5 and it worked

I should have included the troubleshooting I’ve already done… Yes reinstalled the app, tried restarting the phone, cleared cached data… All had no effect

I have a 1st gen Nexus 7 running bare bones Android (5.1.1). I downloaded the Tablo app for the first time yesterday and don’t have any issues. On your Android device: Go to SETTINGS, Then STORAGE. Look for CACHE in the list. tap and click ok to clear the device cache. Reboot and try the app again.

Good Luck.

@MarcCharette - Place a ticket with support and we’ll help get this back up & running for you.

Are you running Android from a phone cell company or rooted?

@beastman Using a stock Nexus 4. Latest version of Android
@TabloTV I opened a ticket on monday but didn’t get a reply until after I posted thos
@hellbound See my post right before yours, tried and did not make a difference unfortunately

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. This frustrated me enough to go with the nuclear option and wipe my phone today so when I get back home I will try reconnecting and see if that did it.

Well wiping the phone worked so I guess that solved it. Hopefully it’s a one time thing!