Android app no auto rotate?

So is it just my phone or did the latest update to the Android phone app remove auto rotate?

(Not a huge deal, but I noticed because I cup my phone a certain way to hear the audio better from the rear speaker, and I had to flip my phone and adjust my hold…)

My Nexus 5 (with the latest Android Tablo software 1.0.21) only plays Tablo recordings in landscape (auto-rotates), even when auto-rotate is turned off in the main Android settings…so I think something is up with your phone.

It only plays it in landscape also, but only ONE landscape orientation. With the previous app, I could’ve played it in both landscape orientations.

Samsung S5. They’ve had problems with it before


I am having the same problem on my Moto G phone. Before this update, I could play shows in landscape and portrait in both directions, for a total of four different ways. With this current update, it is landscape only and only one orientation (with volume and power buttons on top).

I submitted a ticket on this issue to help get it resolved.

Since viewing in portrait isn’t ideal and doesn’t give us a lot of room for buttons we’ve changed the app to be landscape only.

Having it landscape only is fine, but it should allow the user to flip their phone either way. Some people want to have the headphones port on the left and some on the right.

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The Tablo folks closed my ticket. Basically, when the phone rotates orientations, it has reloaded the video. By locking it in a single landscape mode, the video won’t have to reload at all.

I am fine with it, plus my phone has twin speakers (top and bottom) and a kickstand on my case.

I have no plans on viewing the video in portrait mode. I was more interested in having both landscape modes, but if it’s not an option, it’s not a big deal.

Thanks, I was guessing it might be due to the video reloading when I rotated the phone.

@TabloTV I guess that closes it. Not a huge deal, as I stated in my OP. Just need to adjust the way I hold the phone to couple the speaker.