Android App, How to Get Out of Live TV?

I’m new to Tablo. Got live viewing working on my Android phone. But so far, the only way I can find to get out of the live view and get back to the rest of the Tablo app is to close the Tablo app, then reopen it. There’s gotta be a more refined way than that. I’m sure I’ll kick myself when one of you tell me the right way to do it.

If you are watching a live tv show, just hit the left arrow button to go back to the live tv grid. From there, click on the three bars in the top left to bring up the Tablo menu.

Great. That works. Thanks. Two reasons I didn’t notice that. 1) The bar with the left arrow disappears quite often when watching a live view. After your suggestion, I started tapping around for it and can get it to reappear. 2) If it was sometimes there in the past when I was trying to figure it out, and I just plain didn’t notice it or think to try it. Now that I know that it will work if I can get it to appear, I know to pound away until it shows up. Thanks. I knew it was something simple.

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