Android app crashes EVERY time after starting a show

Yes I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully the tablo support reads this whole thread. No one has any solutions here.

Hey guys - we’ve caught up on this thread, and we’re investigating now. Will post any news as it comes in.


Hey all - we managed to narrow this down, and we intend to address this with an update very soon. Hopefully this week - I’ll post here when we’ve submitted.


Here’s what I have to do to stream from my Tablo to Chromecast:

  1. Reboot the Tablo device
  2. Start the Tablo app on my Android tablet
  3. Start a stream and cast to Chromecast
  4. At this point the Tablo app will crash
  5. If I am lucky, the content will start streaming. Otherwise, it will stream for a few seconds and then stop. If it stops, go back to step 1).
  6. Best case is I can now view the stream. Of course I cannot pause, FF, rewind, or change channels. The only thing I can do is go back to step 1).

Is this supposed to be a real product?


Re- @amp0 : “Is this supposed to be a real product?”

This raises a valid concern, depending on how widespread the impact.

@TabloTV @TabloSupport :

What percent of Tablo Chromecast users are experiencing this problem? It’s very serious for those affected. What good is a DVR that can’t navigate or skip commercials?

Other good questions:

What is causing the problem? It seems unrelated to Tablo releases, or to the type of streaming device accepting the Google Cast protocol stream.

When will it be fixed? It was first reported about 10 days ago.

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Give the company credit for working on the problem. I am sure they don’t want to rush out updated software that isn’t correct. I would like to know what caused this issue, as I am a programmer myself.

To: @TabloTV @TabloSupport

When is this going to be fixed?

I’m also experiencing this exact issue. @TabloTV @TabloSupport - any updates on a fix? Will it be part of the new update that I just received an email about??

Any chance the fix will be part of the 2.2.12 firmware update?

It is a player/Chromecast integration issue so app-related, not not firmware related.

The team is toiling away at it, but Chromecast issues are really difficult to resolve because it involves a lot of moving pieces. Thanks for your patience everyone!

Just got an update today and was hoping it would fix the android/chromecast problem but it didn’t . Patiently waiting.

Hi all, some updates and insight for you (sorry for the wait, I came down with a nasty bug)… Sadly, the dev team couldn’t fix MY bug, but they are working on this one.

Our developers and quality assurance teams are testing a solution for this issue right now. We want to be thorough in our testing to make sure we don’t see this issue later on down the line.

As for the origin of the issue, we believe this may have been caused by the recent change to the Google Cast API (now dubbed Google Home). Originally, this was presented as a backwards compatible change, which shouldn’t have affected our implementation. Upon further investigation, it appears to have caused some de-synchronizations in our app, which leads to this crash.

Our developers have been treating this as high priority issue since we became aware of it. We will continue to work at this until it’s solved, which we believe will be soon. As soon as we submit this to the Play store as an update, we’ll let you know.


Thanks for the update, and keep up the hard work. Much appreciated, and looking forward to the update! :slight_smile:

I’m guessing this was caused by the Google Chromecast firmware version 1.21.74816 update which started rolling out to Chromecast devices around Oct 13 2016. The Tablo Chromecast problem reports started appearing around Oct 20 2016.

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So much for Google giving good descriptions of there new api’s , so that the developers can can a heads up as to what is coming. I thought they were better than that.

I looked at the Google Cast API once out of curiosity. It was large and intimidating. I don’t know what the change notice looked like. Some of the apps were either ready for it, or their usage didn’t hit the problem areas. For other apps, the adjustments started trickling in Oct 14.

Thank you for this update. I anxiously await the fix!

Tablo app version 1.0.31 fixed it. Thanks!

Yes thanks. It works with my s7 and chromecast 2 again.

Thank you, @TabloSupport @TabloTV for working to resolve this! I received the app update and it now works properly again!