Android App Compatibility on HP SlateBook 10 x2


I am new to Tablo, and was hoping to use it on my (admittedly old) Android Tablet, an HP SlateBook 10 x2.

I saw that the Android app was compatible with versions of Android 4.1 and higher and on tablets with at least a 7" display. This tablet is running Android 4.3 and has a 10" screen.

However, when I find the app in the store, it says it is not compatible with my device. I figure I am out of luck since this is such an old device, but perhaps someone out there has had luck getting the Tablo app on their Android device despite the lack of support? Any ideas why it says the app is not compatible even though I meet the minimum requirements?


I don’t know why it isn’t compatible, but you should still be able to use it inside the chrome browser ( It is working on my old 13 in toshiba tablet, android 4.0.3. It is slow, but it’s working.

After updating Google Services, I was able to download and install the Tablo app.