Android 6 media box

In my ongoing quest to reduce the number of set top boxes and remotes, I’m trying out an Android 6 box. It has Kodi 17.1 on it. I’ve installed the Tablo app for Android, and the add-on for Kodi. Each has its shortfalls. The Kodi add-on loads up and I can tune to a channel but if I try to go back to the guide, it will sit for some time as if it is hung before finally getting me back to the guide. The Android app is difficult to navigate with the remote, when I click on a show there is no button to “watch” it. I have to change the remote to mouse pointer mode and get to the little play button. In either app the shows are very slow to load even if the tuner is already on the channel I am trying to load. I know people have said good things about the Mi Box and the Shield TV (which mine is not) but the Android app certainly acts like it needs to have a touchscreen to operate fluently.

That box is probably running vanilla Android, not Android TV. The Shield and Mi Boxes both run Android TV, which works very well with a standard remote.

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Ahhhh I see.