Android 5.0.1 phone stopped connecting to Tablo via wifi, Tablo Connect, and chrome browser

I was out if town and watching via Tablo Connect as recent as yesterday and just getting home tonight and tried but phone just will not connect. Just get connecting message. I’m able to watch via Roku classic channel just fine although the spinning wheel periods are SUPER long loading and deleting so perhaps there’s a connection. Anyone else seeing this?

@tablotv Any idea of it’s on my end or yours?

Now that you’re home, have you tried rebooting your router, Tablo and then the Roku / phone in that order?

I had not but just did and the phone connected and my Roku 3 is slightly quicker so thank you. Curious if @tablotv knows of the problem, what led to the problem and how to keep it from recurring. Posted here to share the experience but will of course submit a ticket. I had done a speed test btw on my phone last night and it returned the highest speeds ever. I only mention that to point out my phone appeared to be communicating with my router just fine.

On a side note after rebooting another Roku 3 and watching the OT portion of the Ravens’ game using classic channel it rebooted for the first time while skipping using the right arrow. I had just reinstalled the preview channel not too long ago and we had not seen that ugliness while it wasn’t installed. Maybe something else in play here but that’s the only change I made.