Android 12 Beta 1 Doesn't Support Tablo App


Just a heads up that the Tablo app does NOT work on the Android 12 Beta. It displays the new loading splash screen introduced in Android 12 then the normal “loading” screen with the Tablo logo displays briefly and then the app simply closes.

I understand that it isn’t supported on beta releases of Android but wanted to give you a heads up in case changes needed to be made prior to the official release of Android 12 later this year.

Does work ok via the browser on Android 12?

It does appear the web app works fine in a browser (at least it appears to load and I can start playback of a recording). I actually use a third-party app for most of my Tablo usage on my phone so the app itself not working right now isn’t a huge deal for me.

If the “app” uses WebView, it’s integrated with or part of Chrome - Android System WebView

Android WebView is a system component powered by Chrome that allows Android apps to display web content.

“They” may be aware of issues…