An Unusual Issue

I’ve really been enjoying my new Tablo. I’ve had it for a little over a week, and I’ve been setting up recordings like crazy.

I hope I’m not setting too many recordings, though. Since I sleep late, I set up recordings Sunday morning for both Meet The Press and Face The Nation. However, when I got up today to start watching them, I noticed that somehow the recording streams must have gotten crisscrossed. I discovered I only had the choice to watch either Meet The Nation or Press The Face. Is that normal?!

Thanks, everyone. I’m here all week. :nerd_face:


I’m missing what the problem is.
Are you trying to watch both ‘Meet the Press’, and ‘Face the Nation’ at the same time?

And, my dyslexia shows again.
I get it now.
The recording titles got screwed up.

I’m here thru tonight.

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TabloTV says it can handle as many recordings as you can schedule.

I believe you’ll always have the option -on a single device- to watch one show or another… the then the other, and eventually all of them.

I think you missed his problem, like I did at first.

Scheduled recording for Meet The Press, recording title becomes Meet The Nation.
Scheduled recording for Face The Nation, recording title becomes Press The Face.

I need to see a a screenshot to believe it lol

I think he was probably joking.

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press the face… Uhm, never mind :zipper_mouth_face:

Sorry for wasting everyone’s time. :lying_face:
I thought I’d post something I thought was kind of funny, not realizing that others would take it seriously and offer solutions. At that point, I was too embarrassed to say it was just a joke (like I’m doing now). Although, I probably would be interested in watching a program titled Press The Face. But that’s just me.

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Meet the Nation’s Pressed Face (I think it’s on Comedy Central, not OTA)

Maybe #off-topic …if those really separate much.

So it shall be done.

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This week try recording 60 Minutes and 48 Hours and let’s see if you end up with …

1 Hour and 2880 Minutes or maybe just 49 Hours

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