An Unknown Error Occurred

Getting “An Unknown Error Occurred” since yesterday in both the “TV Shows” and “Movies” areas of the Tablo Menu (Nvidia Shield 2019). “Prime Time” and “Sports” sections are populating normally. The “TV Shows” and “Movies” areas work properly in the app.

Is this only happening on your nVidia Shield or is it also happening on other devices?

If only on the Shield, then have you tried rebooting the Shield. If that doesn’t help, then try deleting the Tablo app, clear any cache memory and then reinstalling the app.

If this is happening on all of your devices, then try rebooting your Tablo.

Agreed, worse case clear data/cache on the Tablo app and it should work. I’ve had that happen once recently and didn’t actually have to uninstall and reinstall the app.

I’ll give it a shot, thank you.
Yes, it’s working ok on the Android Tablo app, so the issue lies with the nVidia.
Thanks again!