An error should pop up if there is not enough storage for syncing data

Background:I use a shield TV (16GB model) as my living room streaming device. I recently installed a few games that require extra download files (large games 2+ GB each). I had intended to just have the apps installed (they were the big shield only apps on sale during the holiday) and download the extra game files when the 6.0 update comes out and I can add on storage to the Shield. Apparently, these games decided to download those game files and max out my storage. I was not aware of this.

The other morning, I went to use my Tablo for live tv. Unfortunately, the grid wasn’t loading and some of my meta data was missing. I decided this might be an app issue so I wiped the data of the app and reoppend and reconnected to the Tablo. The Tablo reconnects and starts syncing. However, where it would normally start showing me posters for all the shows and the bar would progress, the bar just stopped. I decided to do a full app reinstall. However, when I went to install the Tablo app again, I received the error “insufficient storage.”

I went and investigated the storage on the device, found the culprit games and uninstalled them (there was only ~100MB of usable storage remaining). I was then able to reinstall Tablo app and sync all the data. Problem solved.

My request is that if Tablo attempts a metadata sync, and there is not enough storage, the user should receive an error indicating this information. I was able to troubleshoot the issue but others may not be so lucky, should they be presented with this situation. I realize this is a special case situation, but I feel it would be a good QoL improvement.

Duly noted… I’ve sent this to the Android team.

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Thank you much.

Can the shield take an SD card? I know Roku does and the game files go there

I am going to add this to my “Notifications” request :wink: Notifications should be sent… Would be easy to send emails, ideally texts would be great, but that may be a bit tougher

It can and you can move apps to sd card. The problem is some app data stays on the internal storage (often true for these big games). Android 6.0 allows you to format an external drive “as internal storage” so that you can move everything to said external. I have a 128GB thumb drive ready to go waiting for the update.