Amplifier Recommendations

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I posted this last year. It may seem excessive, the it works quite well :

I’m about 48 miles from most of the stations I care about. I have a Winegard YA 1713 VHF antenna with a CM-7777 pre-amp. I also have a CM-4228 UHF antenna with a KitzTech KT-200 pre-amp. I have them joined with a UVSJ joiner. This then feeds an 8-port distribution amplifier. This is all up in my attic. I know this probably seems like a lot of gain, but I even go further. Since I want to input into multiple devices, once the cable comes out of the wall, down from the attic, I split it with a 4-port distribution amplifer. I initially just used a splitter, but this works better. I don’t have a lot of distance to cover, but it’s in multiple rooms, and I am driving old RG-59 cable. I know I should go with RG-6, but I’ve done that in the past, it’s a royal one to accomplish. Oh, and I do get good results.

I’m amazed how many people here have a Kitztech. These are great preamps; Jeffrey Kitz has a small shop in Wisconsin. How did people come across Kitz Technologies? By word of mouth? He isn’t sold in major hardware stores; I know he is on eBay. Be curious how you guys heard about Kitz preamps? I’ve seen them mentioned at other AV forums as well.

AVSforums and other places on the internet. I bet he could give the big boys a run for their money if he’d pimp out his website and packaging. Maybe he’s already selling a ton. Seems like a super nice guy.

Yup I’ve had questions for him over the years and he has always replied cordially with facts and advice. But that website seems like it’s 20 years old and the style needs to change :spider_web: I first came across Kitztech preamps when I was Googling for better preamps to see what was available ten years ago. He’s got the same darned analog TV picture on his home page that he had way back then.

I remember asking him about using RG11 cabling with his preamp and he warned me that though it would work, the bigger wire core might make it difficult to revert back to RG6 later and its slimmer core since the RG11 wire could widen the aperture in the preamp. Good consideration.

I had the same problem. Went thru a slew of indoor antennas without success. I think your best chance is a compact unidirectional outdoor antenna. Worked for me.

Lives in an apartment without LOS - opposite side of the towers. Hanging the RCA ANT751R from the ceiling may get him hung out the window by the wife…:fearful:

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You can hear him talk about the origin of the name on this podcast:

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In case anyone’s wondering, there’s a picture of Grant at the link above. He doesn’t look like he’s from Asgard.

I have a similar setup: antenna --> preamp --> distribution amp. I notice that with amps along the line, my reception has stabilized. Previously without any amps, I would get high peaks and low valleys in signal reception. Now the amps don’t allow the signal to slope steeply downwards and prevent excessive fluctuation. Reception seems so much more stable now especially during bad weather.

A stable level of reception, an unvarying signal keeps the Tablo humming along and happy :hugging:

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