Amazone Fire TV


Is it possible to register an Amazone Fire TV remotely, I am away from home and I would like to use an Amazone fire TV to connect to my Tablo

Initial setup has to be done from the same wifi network that the Tablo is connected to. If you’ve already set up remote access, I believe it should work so long as you log into the app.

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The only possible work around I’m aware of would be to use a VPN but that has to be set up at both ends and configured properly. I have not tried it and I don’t know if anyone else has.

A VPN will work for remote pairing. I have done this with iPhone, iPad and Fire TV. Oh a computer

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Good to know that works in the real world!


Ok so what is the procedure, I already have a VPN provider

That’s not how it works. You set your router at home as a VPN server or have someone else do it. Then you connect to it as a VPN client. You are your own VPN provider in this scenario.


Got it, I can access my router, It is a netgear R6002V2 but I think it doeisn’t support the VPN function. I didn’t found any place to configure my VPN… I check on an other router netgear AC1900 and I saw the setting in advance configuration. Mine seems not supporting this feature.???


My netgear router doesn’t have a VPN option setup. I have windows 10 install on my home computer which I can access remotely. I tried to make VPN server working on my home computer following windows setup instructions for creating a VPN server but with no success… I was using my laptop computer which is under windows 10 also as a client and I was not able to get the VPN working between those computers, Any cue…???

Thanks for your reply


I would start by looking at firewall settings on your PCs.
Edit: You may have to do some port forwarding on your router if you haven’t already done so. Whatever port you use for the VPN must forward to the IP of the computer hosting the server.

EDIT2: You may need to forward 2 ports to your Tablo as well so you don’t have to keep the VPN on after the pairing process is complete.


I have been following windows recommandations. I forward a port on the router to direct the connection to IP of the computer hosting the VPN server… but like I said I was unable to reach my home computer via the VPN that I created… I think that I have to make this access work first if I want to pair my Amazone fire TV

The message that I received from windows is that the name of the server is not found. I use the IP of my home internet connection with the port assign the way that I use to connect to my survey camera system…

I am still working on the project…

Link the guide you used and I’ll take a peek to see if I can find any possible omissions.


I am almost there. I have been able to have the Windows 10 VPN working on my home computer. Now from my remote location with my laptop computer hard connect to the network I can acces the VPN of my home computer and I can ping all my devices on the network including my Tablo…

I use my laptop as an Wifi access point for my Amazon Fire TV, and my Android tablet. I can only ping device on my home network with the VPN active using my computer, not using the android tablet , so I figure that the Amazon Fire TV cannot reach my home network too… So now I have to figure how to have the device using my latop Wifi access point can be part of my VPN…???


You best best is to have a separate device such as a router at your remote location connect to your VPN.

Then connect your Fire TV to that remote router.

Maybe if you temporarily turn off the windows firewall and make sure network sharing is on and setup correctly.

Your devices connected to your computer are probably on a different subnet. I’m not sure how that will affect things. I don’t know if the fire tv supports this but try to set the Fire Sticks gateway address to match the router at your homes internal IP address. You can also try to set the fire tv to use your home router for DHCP.

This might be the easiest thing. There are some really cheap routers on the market. I have some that I picked up for $5 and $10. Both can run DDWRT which can handle a VPN.


I finnaly make it work,

Requirement; Creation of a VPN Windows that run on my Home computer
Using the HOT Spot Wifi of my Laptop remote computer for Amazon Fire TV
Create a VPN client to my home computer on the Laptop and select share option wiht Host
Spot Wifi network (Virtuel router under windows)

So the Amazon Fire TV connect to my Tablo at Home, After the syncing done I close the VPN connection and voila Now I can use my Amazon Fire Stick which have been pair to my Tablo on my remote location on a standard internet access.


Very cool! I’m glad you were able to make it all work! Now let’s all just hope there was something good on there to make it all worth it! lol


The idea about that was to be able to perform a pairing remotly, I experience a lost of pairing once with my laptop when I flushed all the cookies from Chrome. So I lost my internet connectivity and I was away from home. Now with the VPN I know how to repair a lost connextion and pair my device remotly which I consider a good tool…

It may be helpfull for other Tablo fan…


If I’m not mistaken, then yes, and to do it I would recommend you to use vpn for firestick. After all, because of geo-restrictions, you’ll have to change your IP if you want to stick it with your home.