Amazon Prime Working on Shield TV!

Someone pulled the new Amazon Video APK off a Sony TV, and guess what - it works perfectly on Nvidia Shield TV!

I downloaded and side loaded it myself, and tested it out. Not a huge fan of Amazon Prime, but it’s nice to have access to a couple of shows I watch without changing inputs.

Go here if you want to try:

Note, it doesn’t work on Nexus Player according to a few reports I read.

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Works! (for now?) on Shield. Confirmed NP fails (App states “App has stopped working”)
Hope this one doesn’t get blacklisted like previous versions did!

Considering that Amazon Video for Shield TV is heavily rumored to be releasing relatively soon, we might not have to wait long even if this version is blocked.

I have seen the rumor of it going on AppleTV but had not seen it for Shield yet.

Amazon is the only reason I don’t have a Shield already. Hopefully this one will stay working and/or the rumors are true.

Nvidia has had multiple employees (not tech support) tell customers publicly to “be patient” when waiting for the Amazon Video app. Additionally, on Prime Day, the official NVIDIA Shield account retweeted an Amazon Video tweet.

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Amazon App has stopped working, not sure if a “glitch” or Amazon blocking… Will try again later…

Working again… Hopefully an “official” version comes soon that doesn’t need to be side loaded…