Amazon Kindle fire HD

Will the OLDER Amazon Kindle Fire HD work as the controler for the Tablo?

You can just use a computer to set it up. The Tablo does not have an HDMI out so for playback to a HDTV you still need another device.

I think so but I’ll try loading Tablo app on my Kindle Fire (first generation).

@EJC - Your Kindle has to be running Android 4.1+ and has to have a screen size of 7"+. 

@TabloTV: Will there be APP support for the OLDER Amazon Kindle Fire HD’s? The Fire I have is only a little over a year old…

Lol he just told you to check what Android OS version is running on your Kindle. How about you let us know that first and we can let you know?

If it helps the link to the Kindle tablet app can be found here:

I’m using a new Kindle Fire HD 6. The Tablo app will load, and I can use most functions, but playback just sticks endlessly on “Buffering”. Is this releated to the aforementioned 7-inch screen minimum?

I use this same Tablo and network with an iPad without a hitch, so it’s something to do with the Fire HD 6.

@EdFromTPCR Yes - the 7" screen minimum applies to the Kindle app.

I have Tablo app loaded on my 1st generation Kindle Fire running Android 4.2.2.    The app runs a bit slow because its an old tablet but the video playsback fine.

Thanks @TabloSupport. I was thrown off because the app loads on the tablet, and I don’t get an error message or anything similar – the app appears to work fine until it gets stuck.