Amazon FireTV: Version Information

I’m still evaluating the FireTV and Tablo, and so far I love it, and I get great reception on my channels.

I do notice an audio lip sync issue when watching on my FireTV devices, that I don’t have on my computer or on my Nexus 6. How do I know what version is the latest, and if I’m running the latest? I’ve read here about a beta on the FireTV, is there a way to update to that beta and give it a shot?

Also, I have switched to recording in the Roku/Chromecast 720p setting, and I seem to get a better frame-rate on FireTV, and I’m also running the 2.2.2 firmware.


  1. Fire TV or Fire TV Stick?
  2. Before switching to the 720p Roku / Chromecast quality, what recording quality were you using? 1080p?

I’m using two FireTV devices, not the Sticks (yet, that’s a maybe down the road).

Before switching I was using 720p and it seemed like if I was watching a show with a ticker scrolling by, I could see jumpy frames, and it’s much better on the 720p Roku/Chromecast, but I might switch it back and try again. I would prefer to use 1080p (drive space doesn’t really matter) if the quality and playback is there. We probably only watch a handful of shows a week, and many of those are on channels broadcasting in 1080i.

I’m wired gigabit ethernet between all the devices.

If I recall correctly I think Tablo stated that 720 (Not the Roku/Chromecast one) and 1080 used the same bitrate anyway. I could be mistaken but I seem to remember that.


720p and 1080p use different bitrates. 5 Mbps vs 10 Mbps. See blog post:


Do you have any video post-processing enabled on your HDTV? Turn off all the motion processing features.

Yeah, the post-processing features on TVs drives me nuts, so I have that off. I’m not a fan of 120Hz or upscaling features.

I thought I read a forum post a while back that says there is a Beta release and others had said this was addressing the lip sync issue. I think I need to try using my Chromecast as a test as well (will have to wait until tomorrow). The benefits and cost of the system far outweigh the minor issues.

Is it likely that the Amazon boxes would work better on 802.11a vs 100m ethernet? I don’t believe the AFTV has gigabit onboard.

Thank you.

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