Amazon Fire TV sluggish guide response

The response on my Fire TV is extremely slow. I have just about the fastest internet possible, with the tablo and the fire TV two feet from my router. When I scroll down the channel list, the Tablo guide always stops several times. I have to wait 20 seconds or so until the guide once again allows me to scroll. Any fix or thoughts about this?



is your tablo hardwired to your router? The app is fairly fast on my fire TV. Tablo is hard wired to the router but the Fire TV is wireless on the AC band.

The Tablo is hardwired, as is the fire tv. I’m not sure what the problem is. I have the best router/modem tandem out there, with three different wireless bands (2.4 and two 5 ghz). Very sluggish on the fire TV

try to uninstall the Tablo app, reboot the fire tv and then re-install the App. I did that they other day when i was having problems with mine and it ran great last night.


I’ll give it a try. I’ve used both the regular app and the beta app. Both sluggish, but I’ll try your suggestion and report back. Thanks!

I have always seen that pause in the guide when you scroll down through the channels on FireTV (both FireTV and Tablo wired) and you get through a specific number of channels, it gets stuck and you have to wait while (I assume) the images and show descriptions for the next group of channels load. I improved performance by going through my channels, removing all duplicates, foreign language channels, channels I just would never watch - so that there are fewer channels in the guide. Not a fix, but made the guide more useable for me.

I personally am not a fan of the guide. I wish there was a screen that will show me thumbnails for shows that are currently airing, so I would never have to use the guide unless I want to see what is coming up. I also wish there was a way to switch between all channels and favorite channels, so you don’t have to see the full guide when you select favorite channels, making it easier to navigate through a subset of channels. Or, a third possibility would be to be able to move your favorite channels to the top of the guide so you can see your most watched channels right away and usually will not need to scroll down very far.

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Yeah, I was debating doing that. My wife is against dropping channels for a smoother transition… I’m hoping Tablo support will take note of this and offer some guidance. The redownloading the app idea didn’t work. Sigh.



@aardvarkposse - Sorry to hear that. I would suggest touching base with support so they can help you troubleshoot:

I’ve been seeing this as well. It started about 2 weeks ago, and it isn’t something I do often enough for it to be a problem. Here is what I’ve seen:

When first selecting the Tablo app on my AFTV (note that I have LiveTV selected as the first page) I get the usual few seconds delay while the app loads the guide from the Tablo. If I try to scroll down the page and actually go past the display on the screen, the app hangs for about 20-30 seconds. I can workaround this by navigating to the left channel numbers. I note the when the channel numbers are highlighted, there is no program information on the screen for the channels that were previously below the initial screen’s display.

I have seen the exact same problem. When you scroll past the bottom of the guide page it hangs. You can go back to the menu select Recordings then go back into Live TV and everything is fine. I am using Fire TV with a wired connection.

So I tried to let Tablo customer support take a look at the tablo, but no dice. Still has the same issue. They said that this is very rare and I’m one of the only people to have this problem. I’m running the new Fire TV and just about the fastest internet in the metro area (Denver). Still, no dice making this smooth. Long story short, they don’t have a fix for it. They do seem to be working on the Roku app more than the fire app… I would assume that more people have a Fire tv over roku, but who knows…

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