Amazon Fire HD10 Support


I am a fairly advanced user, so I’ve tried the obvious… Is there a way to use Tablo on a Fire tablet? I have tried the Tablo app from both the Amazon app store and Google Play and neither will play sound. Any chance support is coming? I understand amazon is a different forked version of android, but support would be very nice…

Do you have Surround Sound enabled? Androids have issues with that.

More good reading about SS. The issue is many older Android devices do not natively decode 5.1 AC3 audio (they need to have the Dolby codec and license).

The HD10 supports surround sound…

Have you tried it with SS off?

Things can be a little odd if you have Surround Sound enabled on the Tablo but its not working on the playback device. For example last night I decided to try it again. I use a Nvidia Shield with the Android TV Preview app. I enabled SS and tried live TV on the NBC channel no sound . Turned SS off and still no sound on NBC. Switch to CBS or ABC and the sound was fine. This morning with SS off sound is back on NBC. In any case I don’t worry about SS. I am old my ears can’t tell the difference.

So turn off SS and try several Live TV channels see if it helps.

Same as above. On a Moto G6 phone which supports Dolby Audio, no sound on certain channels whether the Tablo surround setting is on or off. It’s easy enough to toggle the Tablo setting when you want to use a specific device that may not support the feature. Also, many TV channels that broadcast Dolby are only transmitting a 2.0 channel signal, not a 5.1 channel signal (especially the 480i subchannels). And you won’t hear much difference (if any at all), especially on a portable device.

I checked the Amazon web site HD10 product specs. The Only thing it says about audio is:

“3.5 mm stereo jack and integrated dual stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos audio”

Nothing about 5.1 Surround Sound. So are you positive the HD10 supports Surround Sound?

What was happening is that when you made a change to the SS setting, it only affects channels that are tuned after the change. Since your NBC channel was already in use before the switch, the change didn’t affect it.

There are three ways to get that channel back to stereo.

  1. Wait for however long it takes a channel to un-tune (which is what you did).
  2. Connect to enough new channels so that the original channel is no longer connected.
  3. Reboot the Tablo.
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You can get surround sound to work on a Moto G6 phone (I have it), but it really isn’t worth the hassle. You have to use the beta Android app, download the VLC app, and set the video player in the Tablo app to VLC.

@snowcat Thanks for the info. I really only tried it on my Moto G6 as an experiment to post in this thread. I don’t care about surround sound on portable devices (kind of an oxymoron anyways since they only have one or two speakers!). I leave the Tablo surround sound toggled ‘on’ for playing through my two home theater setups, but it’s easy enough to toggle back and forth if ever necessary.

Changing channels is relatively simple after you change the SS setting so you have audio on a device that doesn’t support ss.

However, no one mentioned in this thread that when you record a program your Tablo only records one audio track. So, if you have ss enabled when you record a program, there is no way to hear it on a device that cannot do ss because only ss is embedded in that recording.

Conversely, if you have ss turned off, your recorded program will only have the non-ss track - so you will never be able to hear that program using ss on any of your devices.

Yes, only 1 audio track gets recorded, so depending on the setting you’re using you’ll get the 2.0 AAC audio or 5.1 AC3 audio, not both.