Amazon Fire DVR


My goodness! Four of my all time popular chocolates all in one package. That is positively SINFUL :smiling_imp:


Lucky Canucks! Seriously.


Wikipedia: As well as the United Kingdom, its place of creation, the bar is also sold as Aero in Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Bulgaria(as LZ, through Aero is sold in some shops in Bulgaria), Canada, Colombia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hong Kong, Nicaragua, Ireland, Kuwait, Malta, Mauritius, Portugal, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates… In Brazil, the bar is known as Suflair , in Hungary as Boci Aero and in the Netherlands as Bros (meaning “brittle”).

… Just not the United States!


Prolly sold at Cost Plus World Market here in US


Could be that the US Import Office doesn’t know how to handle the little air bubbles inside the chocolate bar. It’s those bubbles that make the chocolate just melt in your mouth.

Is it possible that SCOTUS mistook Aereo for Aero and made a judgment on the wrong thing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s how we fuel our programmers. Well, those, and Doritos. And Mountain Dew. We have very solid chairs for them too :slight_smile: lol!!


Some East Coast “foreign food” aisles have them - Big Y (Conn/Mass), Wegman’s (Massachusetts south to Virginia), and Publix (Southeastern states).

Philosophical question: Is the chocolate full of holes or are the holes surrounded by chocolate?


Must call “obvious” on this one, it is the holes surrounded by chocolate. I’m certain this has been proven several times over the years.