Amazon Fire DVR

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I hear Tesla is working on a $35,000 Model 3.

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That’s super scary and gives me nightmares. Physical Amazon consumer products married to Amazon’s UI taking over the world.

“will connect to Amazon’s Fire TV [box]”, I know Fire TV devices are popular but nothing like the size of the Roku user base so if they restrict it to just them that’s a big loss of potential customers.


This is interesting. Amazon is a company that does things well. When they decide to take on a project (or a grocery store, etc.), they do it right. I’m very interested in seeing what they come up with and (in my view) probably worth every dime of whatever nominal monthly they charge for this.

They are great at selling things. Making electronics has been one of their major weak points.

Amazon phone - complete failure
Amazon tablets - mostly a failure
Amazon FireTvs - a lot more issues than Roku/AppleTv boxes

Was going to say the same thing. If they artificially limit their user base that won’t help either.

Some people don’t mind having all their personal data scraped.

Looks like Amazon is working on a Tablo competitor:

Tablo is going to have to be at the top of their game if they want to survive. (At least they finally fixed the stuttering issue when streaming to Amazon 4K FireTV devices…)

This should be interesting!

While this would represent more competition to Tablo, it’s not like there isn’t already competition in the market.

If “Frank” only connects to Amazon Fire TV, then it’s not an option for me. If it doesn’t let me easily extract content and put it into my Plex Server (thank you, then it’s not an option for me.

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I’m unaware of any other OTA DVR appliance which will let me stream live/recorded media, over a home network, to a media box. Perhaps you can list a few?

Nobody really knows anything about this yet, so we’re all guessing. My guess is, that this will be targeted toward Fire TV device owners, Prime members and the like. Fire TV / Fire Stick has an install base in the Tens of Millions, so they have a pre-made audience for it.

Between now and then (and after it’s launch), Tablo will continue to improve and evolve in it’s own way, and will continue to offer a great product at a great price, which people will continue to love.

One thing I have noticed, which could bring cause: the new Fire TV Edition, with the OS baked in has a very nice OTA element to it, a very beautiful Channel Guide and the ability to boot / launch directly to OTA while side-stepping the Fire TV element which you can call up on demand only when you need it. All this, without having used up an HDMI port for either. Add DVR to this, and you’ve got a possible “rival” for Tablo.

Though content would be strictly held in, with (most likely) no way to offload, download, save or archive, the average everyday user will not care. More advanced users will, and they will continue to use and love Tablo and Tablo-like solutions.


“You can get this right now if instead of wanting Amazon to make it you don’t mind that Tablo makes it, and also it works on more than just the FireTV.” - Tom Merritt, Cordkillers ep 233


Ha - I guess we need to shame Brian and get him to hook up his Tablo :laughing:

If their DVR is cloud based, then I’ll stick with my Tablo.

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You would think that people would be trying to reduce the amount of data that the Masters of the Universe collect.

It’s not like they aren’t already making a ton of money off of your personal data.

With TabloTV, you watch TV.

With Amazon Fire, TV watches you!


Oh my sweet Lord in Heaven I hope @TabloTV uses that in a future ad campaign!

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While hilarious, I think this guy may have a problem with that.