Amazon Fire cannot connect to Tablo when Tablo is connected via ethernet

I can use Tablo successfully on my phone whether the Tablo is on wifi or connected via ethernet. I can use Tablo successfully through my 3 Amazon fire devices (two of them are sticks) if the Tablo and the amazon fire are on the same wi-fi network.
My problem is that the Tablo app on Amazon fire cannot find the Tablo if the Tablo is connected via ethernet to the router. Is there a way to get this to work? I hope to reduce buffering if the Tablo is connected via ethernet.

When you connected the Tablo to ethernet, did you reboot both your Tablo and your router? Sometimes you have to do that to get everything connecting again.

We have 2 wifi networks, and it must have a default when hardwired that was different than what the fire stick was on. The reboot may have helped as well. Thanks so much!

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2 WiFi network run by the same router? Or WiFi networks run by different devices? Say one by a router and one by a combo modem/router?

Or 2 WiFi networks in the sense they are just different frequencies (2.4GHz and 5Ghz) possibly with different SSIDs as a result?

My guess is that this is due to the “pairing” of the Fire TV device to your Tablo used for viewing the Tablo remotely (i.e. away from your home network).

You can try to reset the Tablo app on the Fire TV by going to Settings/Manage Apps/Tablo/ then:

  1. Force Stop
  • closes the tablo app
  1. Clear Data
  • clears any data used in the app like the pairing and set the app back to a new install status
  1. Launch the Tablo App again -
    If the tablo is on the same network via ethernet that your Fire TV is on via WiFi , it should show you the Tablo and ask to be reconnected again.

If this does not work you need to check the IP address of your Fire TV and see if it is different network than the Tablo. Your Fire TV could be using a Guest WiFi network which isolates it from your primary network.

You can check your Fire TV network IP address by going into Settings/My Fire TV/About/Network/.

  1. IP Address should look something like this (the 1st three number represent the local network you are connected to , the the last number is unique to every device connected to your network).

Your Tablo connected by ethernet should have the same 3 numbers of the IP address used for it connection to the router.

This is a bit more problematic to determine if you don’t have another device that can access your tablo. Fortunately you have other devices! So go to Tablo app settings on one of the working devices where you can see the “Tablo IP Address” to see if the 1st three numbers of your non-connecting Fire TV.