Amazon availability delays

Does Amazon really expect it to take “1 to 2 months” to ship a tablo quad?

Well, I could imagine it. For example, if being shipped inside Texas, and if shipped by drone, the odds of a drone not being shot down could be slim. Could cause some delays.

See. That’s why we ask. I never considered that option

Amazon is a mysterious beast.

We shipped them a big batch that supposedly was delivered on Saturday. They should update their system in the next week or so to reflect real delivery dates.

And Best Buy also just got stock and they’re showing delivery dates of next week.

Thanks, that was quick. Purchased one for elderly mom two weeks ago and I like it too.

Although, I do see some referbs on site that safe?

I ordered mine on October 1. The original email stated, ‘Arriving: Tuesday, November 5 -
Friday, December 6’. I received a ‘Delivery Estimate Update’ email on October 2 advising an updated delivery estimate of October 9. I checked online the next day and the estimate changed to October 4, which is the day it arrived. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I got a refurb. You save some bucks that way, and the only thing you lose is the ability to return it in 30 days if you don’t like it. That, and apparently if the person who originally owned your unit used the 1 month trial of guide access, you’ll have to contact support to get them to give you another month (pro-tip: phone is faster than email, at least right now, and it takes them ~30 seconds once you get someone on the line).

For the price, I figured if I didn’t like it I could sell it on ebay. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like you’ll be seeing even more delays:

They are flying off the shelves. The quad seems to be sold out on bestbuy.

“copyright infringement”. Of course.

Amazon doesn’t like that Tablo makes a “copy” of their own product, that competes with their own product, therefore Amazon is upset.

I dumped Amazon at the beginning of the year, primarily because of this article:

Then I found out that Ebay sellers are playing games using Amazon:

which makes Ebay a non-starter for me anymore. In fact, this has happened to me two or three times–and each time I’ve demanded a refund on the basis that I don’t support buying from Amazon (not to mention that what they’re doing is now against Ebay’s policies). Every time, despite the listing having a “no returns” policy listed, I was immediately refunded.

Amazon is taking over the world, and it’s up to the buying public not to support that. The easy way is not the right way. Go out and buy it from a local vendor. Take the time out of your life to go brick-and-mortar shopping for what you need instead of “oh, I’ll just buy it from Amazon, that’s easy”.

Or buy it from someone else online, if you must.

I’m perfectly willing to spend a bit more not to support Amazon.

Seems suspicious to me. I guess this is one way to try and push their Recast product. Too bad they don’t concentrate on actually making the software decent, instead.

When prices are close to the same I always purchase from bestbuy for store pickup. Their store is only 2 miles away.

When I can’t drag my sorry ass out for the house to drive 2 miles, I’m checking into assisted living.

Amazon, that’s easy - but not all of America lives in a metropolitan area! It’s Walmart, not much better. Then it’s a 45min drive to Best Buy.

Those not living in the same bubble, aren’t deserving of righteous condemnation of your criticism.

I do NewEgg for electronics followed by Amazon and if I’m going out it’s Fry’s electronics and Bestbuy as a very last resort, Bestbuy is good in an emergency or for impulse buys. Home Depot for alliances. Lowe’s gave me the attitude they don’t want my business, and they now don’t get it. Sears I’ve avoided for years, they use to be good about 20 years ago.

I price stuff out, if Amazon has what I want and it’s truly cheaper they can drop it off with Prime most of the time next day. I’ll also order form Wal-Mart, just don’t ask me to visit the stores very often.

I suspect the Tablo’s days being sold by Amazon are very limited at this point. They have the right to just refuse to sell it one day if they choose.

Amazingly bestbuy often has free delivery to most areas.

And while it’s not “24” hour delivery, for immediate gratification and feedback I usually go to twitter/instagram.

I’m seeing Tablo listings on Amazon, no problem.

but you post no links – for new tablo quad or new tablo dual lite ???

Correct, the listings are for renewed 4 tuners (Prime), new and used 2 tuners, used Dual 64s, and new Invidia Shield tuners (Prime). The 4 tuners are renewed by Amazon (and presumably sold by Amazon), and one seller of the Invidia Shield tuners is Amazon as well. If Amazon intended to remove listings for potential copyright infringement they missed these listings. As Amazon listings are dynamic, this information may be inaccurate after this reply is posted.

So under Shop by brand - you select
You get a page of info… but no tablo OTA DVR sold by Nuvyyo or new one’s sold by any vendor.

That’s not really “no problem”

Back on Amazon. Guess they unbunched there panties

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