Always Sync on Start?

This appears to be something new…in the past, my computer would sync and then it would be a while before it synced again. I am not sure what triggered the sync in the past. Now every time I go to the site, it has to sync…every time. Is this by design?

Like a full sync where you can’t use the Tablo interface? Or it syncs in the background while you can click around to recordings, scheduled, etc.?

What browser are you using?

Well, not really sure if it’s a full sync or not, but I do know that I don’t have shows that have been recorded show up until the sync is done, so I would assume that is a full sync. I believe I can watch live…so again, not really sure.

I am using Chrome.

A full sync is where you see the loading bar across the screen and you can’t use the Tablo interface / website at all. I assume that’s not the case?

No…honestly, I am not sure I have ever seen that! :slightly_smiling:

I can use the interface to an extent, but like I said, recorded shows aren’t there until the sync is finished and sometimes it does take a bit…maybe 5 minutes or so. I don’t recall this happening in the past, unless now I am just accessing/using the record feature more and am just now noticing it. Thoughts?

Then that is normal. You have to wait for the sync to be complete before you’ll see new recordings.

5 min is too long though for an incremental sync.

@craigalan - If you log on to your device at least once every 14 days, a full synch shouldn’t be required.

Have you tried deleting your Tablo from Chrome and starting with a fresh sync? (Click on the red X)

I would start there and see how that goes.

If that doesn’t work, I would suggest touching base with our support team:

Thanks, I will try that.