Already missing MSNBC. Anybody know good way to get it?

I’m just working with Roku, Tablo, and Sling TV for the last three days, so there’s a LOT I’m struggling to learn well enough and quick enough to cut Dish Network and “go free” before the last day of February.

I’m a big fan of MSNBC. I’ve tried googling and i’ve looked online at, but I cannot find a quick and easy way to watch MSNBC. I’m seeing so many google results and other links to “msnbc,” that I’m really confused. But no where have I found a streaming version that I can actually watch MSNBC programming. Even the sites with “day old” feeds of the major prime time msnbc programming aren’t easy to figure out and work with.

Anyone else an msnbc “junky”? Or at least helpful to a newbie??



MSNBC is not available on either Tablo or Sling TV. However, I believe the PlutoTV app has MSNBC or at least parts of it available as one of it’s news feeds. It’s available on Roku, Android and PC and probably IOS as well.

Edit: I decided to check it out and it looks to be repeating segments from NBC and MSNBC so although it’s not the full channel, it might get you enough of it to keep you sane :wink:

Pluto has parts of MSNBC and NBC. There is also Skynews and CBSN.

Thanks for the responses. I’m digging around in Roku’s channels, including Pluto, to see what I can find. It helps that my broadband internet comes from a provider which gains me login privileges to some streaming services, i.e., like WatchESPN and I THINK something with MSNBC. I just discovered that, but I’m having a devil of a time getting the login to work and figuring out how to access it on MSNBC.

(Just gotta keep telling myself, once it’s all in place and I tell Dish goodbye I’ll be saving $50+ per month!)


Here is a streamed version that may do it for you:

Hey, thanks. That should work.


This one is even better:

If it does not come right up, look for News Video / Politicts RockinRooster’s Politics, (via livenewschat.eupolitics)

PS. a good place to find streams is to search on Twitter i.e. MSNBC Live stream

Pluto TV has some MSNBC and NBC

You can add the World News Extra package to Sling for an additional $5 per month, or switch to Playstation Vue.

MSNBC Live Stream: How to Watch Online Without Cable

Playstation Vue has MSNBC.

PlayStation Vue will also be getting NFL Network and NFL Redzone.

Yes we are like you.i.e.missing Chris Matthews, Joe, Maddow,etc. all the gang

I too had an unpleasant experience with going “cold turkey” from MSNBC after my ISP discontinued their cable service (and no other wired cable source was available locally).

I began with Sling, but had a Kafka-esque experience in which Sling got $120 of my money and I got nothing. Over the course of MANY phone calls, I requested 3 months of free service and would have paid their fee thereafter, but Sling has (hopefully “had” by now) a policy of never refunding after getting your money (or in my case, providing the 3 months that I never got). If you want to go this route anyway, you’ll need to subscribe to the news package on top of the basic service. You might want to also add the DVR service if you don’t want your TV-watching times to be dictated by the clock (and would like to FF through the commercials).

Pluto is a little quirky, in that you end up getting only parts of each show and also a day late. But for the price of FREE . . . yeah, much better than no Chris, Rachel, Lawrence and Brian at all. Plus Chuck Todd, Ari Melber and Chris Matthews.

Maybe you will lucky and, much like Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner will appear at your door and drive you to rehab.

This is a good site for figuring out the cheapest way to get your must-have channels"

Looks like Sling Blue is the cheapest for MSNBC, at $30/mo. Of course, you get a lot of other channels at the same time.

Maybe just watch at

Pluto TV, channel 110. You can find the Pluto app on Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Kodi, all of them. You also get a couple tons of free movies, TV shows and extras.